About Us
Whatever your vocation, we can build a website to show it off.

Axelhouse Web Services LLC is a Veteran Owned business.  We develop and host websites for organizations of all sizes, specializing in establishing a web presence for small businesses and professionals.  We provide guidance to assist you in creating powerful distinctive website content to make the public aware of your organization or service.  For a basic site of four pages or less this service is FREE.

Let us build a website to showcase your abilities.

Other types of websites:
• Online Memorials for loved ones
• Special Celebrations
• Christmas Cards
• To showcase a home you have for sale.

Online Brochure
More Customers (internet Users)
Influence Decissions
Show off your work
24 Hour Availability
Establish an email address for you business
Make a good first impression
Cost of website vs advertising
People use the internet to "Window Shop"
Establishes a point of contact
Business credibility - Studies show that business with websites are considered more credible than those without
Discoverability - 9 out of 10 customers rely on the internet to evaluate goods and services
Why Do You Need a Website?
Let us build you a website that will tell the world all about you!
Welcome to
Axelhouse Web Services
Website development
It is becoming increasingly important for your business to have a website presence.  We provide you with the guidance to establish the type of site that is correct for you.  This includes guiding you through the process of determining the correct type and number of website pages that make sense for your business, and creating those pages for you.
As the expression states ... "sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words".  When an image is needed, whether it is a company logo, or just a button for a prospect to click on, we can help you create or enhance images to fit your website and convey the message you want your customers to receive
Domain Services
You want your customers and prospects to hit your website using a name like yourcompany.com.  To do this a Domain Name must be registered on the Internet once each year.  We will help you to select a Domain Name that meets your needs and keep its registration current for you.
Website Marketing & Promotion
Have you ever searched on the Internet for a website that you know exists, but can't find it?  That is because the site has not been properly marketed.  Website Marketing includes establishing the search criteria (META Tags) that you know your customers or prospects will use to find you, and making that search criteria available to the Internet Search Engines that are most commonly used.  We provide the services to make this happen.
eMail Boxes
Since we will have established a Domain Name for you (yourcompany.com), you will want to have eMail addresses that correspond to your Domain Name such as bob@yourcompany.com.  We will provide you with a number of e-mail addresses as part of hosting your site.
Website Hosting
A website needs a place to live.  We can provide a home for your website that will be safe, secure and available for access
Responsive Web Pages
To allow your pages to be viewed clearly on smart phones and tablets
OK - You are probably asking yourself, “if the website creation is free - why is there a pricing page?”

Website development for a site of 4 pages or less is indeed free when we host your site for you.  This can easily save you well over $1,000.

Your free website will include:
    - Up to 4 web pages from your content
    - Up to 5 email addresses based on your domain

If you need larger sites or additional services we can also meet your needs in those areas.
Service Price Basis Price
Site Hosting Number of Pages 4 pages or less $10 per month billed annually

Each additional 5 pages $2 per month billed annually
Additional Pages - Development Per Page $200
Photo Gallery Groups of 25 Pictures $200
Interactive Pages Quote Based on quote
Page Maintenance - Static Page Per Instance $25 per page (free for first 30 days)
Domain Service - Standard Annual Fee $25
Domain Service - Premium Quote Based on Quote
EMail Address Groups of 5 $20 per year per group
Search Engine Optomization Per Page $100